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Ocean Adventures Puffin tour

Join us on out on Breiðarfjörður bay for a day of puffin spotting, on one of our well-equipped sightseeing boats. Our boats are typical Icelandic fishing boats, which are especially useful for nature and bird watching because we can get closer to the puffins and other birds nestled in the many small isles than on other bigger boats. Our ambition is offering excellent service for all of our guests.

The Puffin tour starts in Stykkishólmur. From there we sail to the island that is the main settlement for puffins on the bay: Elliðaey. The island is full of puffins, and during high puffin season, there are about 2000 couples nesting in the island. This is not at all unusual, as the islands in Breiðafjörður are full of birdlife during summertime; among other birds to see are kittiwake, cormorants, arctic terns, white-tailed eagles and many more.

Elliðaey is a beautiful island which was inhabited until the year 1950. You can still see the buildings in the islands: a house, barn and a lighthouse. The family that lived on the island from 1922 to 1950 were lighthouse keepers. Even though they do not live there anymore, the family still takes care of the island and the properties on it. There is a lot of history connected to the islands on Breiðafjörður bay that you will discover on our tour.

This trip is ideal for taking pictures of puffin as we can go very close to the cliffs of the islands, without disturbing the birds. We will then sail around the island and take a look at beautiful basalt columns. After we have explored the island, we head to a place where seals are often spotted. After that, we go back to Stykkishólmur. As we sail, there is always a chance to see something remarkable, like eagles and dolphins, which also inhabit the bay.

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The main puffin season is from may to the end of august but during winter time we put more attention on all around bird-and nature watching. We always have something to see here, the nature is spectacular, and there is always a good chance to see whales and seals.

Ocean Adventures Puffin tour

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