Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to see puffins?

  • 15 th of May- 15 th of August is the best time.

Do we definitely see puffins?

  • Short answare; YES!

What do I need to wear?

  • It is always a little chillier at the ocean, so its better to bring some overcoat or warm clothes. Hat and mittens are also good to bring.

Do we get lifewests?

  • There are lifewests onboard in case of emergency. During the tour it is not necessary to wear lifewests.

Is it safe for kids?

  • Yes, our tours are suitable for all ages.

Do we need fishing license?

  • No license or qualification is required for our qustomers.

Do we need to bring fishing rods?

  • No, we provide all the gear.

Can I take the fish with me that I fish?

  • If you want, we fillet the fish, and you can cook it yourself if you have cooking facilities at your accommodation. If not, we can contact local restaurants and ask if they can accommodate you and cook the fish for a fee.

Is it an open boat or is it possible to stay inside?

  • The boat Is half open/half closed so don’t worrie, you can go inside if you want.